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Amazon After can Sell, Give Away, Donate, Lend, Rent and Recycle items you bought on Amazon.
Everything you bought on Amazon, organized and ready to go.
Sell my TV.  
Recycle my Printer. 
Give away my Heater.  
Rent out my Lawnmower.
Upgrade my Toaster.
Lend my Guitar.
Pawn my Skateboard.
Donate my Table.
Amazon After
Tidying up with Alexa.

Alexa (Amazon) already knows what you own and everything about your items. For certain items and services she may ask “What condition is it in?” (Cue music - “What Condition My Condition is In” by Kenny Rogers and the First Edition.)  Play audio sample...
Created by Scott Amron
Amazon did not sponsor this. There is no existing partnership or collaboration between me and Amazon.  
The Amazon trademark is owned by Amazon.     

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Done with an item you bought on Amazon?  Have Alexa sell it instantly with Amazon After.  Or, have her give it away, donate it, upgrade it, rent it out, lend it, trade it, pawn it, revive it, recycle it or help you dispose of it responsibly.  Gone is the headache of figuring out what to do with the old, so long as you bought it on Amazon.
Recycle it with Amazon After.

Recycling feels impossible sometimes. People often hide what they throw away.  Amazon After makes recycling dead easy. It facilitates item specific waste management and brings eco-warrior best practices to mainstream commerce with a mouse click.

Rent it out with Amazon After.

Rent your items out to other Amazon customers for extra cash with Amazon After. This would make Amazon the largest rental company in the world overnight - a rental company that doesn’t store or maintain or even own their rental equipment - a rental company with the most diverse set of rental equipment located locally in every town all over the world on day 1. Buying a new lawnmower on Amazon could be a great investment with Amazon After.
Amazon After can add value to every Amazon purchase and extend the life cycle of the products Amazon sells, bringing joy to more people, reducing waste and keeping your things in use and out of landfills.  You'd shop on Amazon to keep your Afterlife Options open.  Shop somewhere else and you're on your own.  And remember, Amazon Afterlife is heaven.
Shop on Amazon.  
Unload with Amazon After.

Manage your stuff with Amazon After.  Use it to salvage or generate cash from your old stuff to put toward new Amazon purchases instantly.  Get your used items to people who want them.  And, keep your things in use and out of landfills.

Everything you bought on Amazon is ranked by worth on Amazon After. It keeps a running total, so you can see how much cash you can access in real time should you decide to liquidate your Amazon bought belongings. See when you purchased each item, what you originally paid and how much time is left on any active warranties with Amazon After.

Seeing a virtual inventory of your stuff all in one place makes it easy to spot and unload things you don’t use or need anymore. Making the decision to part with an item sooner reduces further waste. Wait too long and the value of the item can drop significantly.  Discontinued items may go up in value temporarily.  Without Amazon After, you could miss out.

IoT enabled devices can report to Amazon After and notify you if they haven’t been used in a while. For example: You may get a pop-up or notification from Amazon After stating that your coffee machine hasn’t been used in 14 months and that it's currently worth $118. You can then opt to have it sold instantly.

Your items have Amazon History.

Your items are authentic, owned by an Amazon prime member (you) and can be traced back to their original production. Best of all, future owners can use Amazon After when they no longer have use for the item.

You can even sell your items with missing or broken parts. Replacement parts ship to the new owner separately to arrive with the item. (Remotes, power cords, batteries, chargers, filters…) Never search for a serial number again. Your items are listed by noun on Amazon After

It’s good to have options, after.

Can’t find the user manual, need replacement parts, warranty info or need help troubleshooting or scheduling a repair? Revive it with Amazon After and bring it back to life. Need cash quick? Pawn your item for a quick cash advance with Amazon After. Be a good neighbor and lend your stuff to other Amazon Prime members with Amazon After. Upgrade your item for the latest model with Amazon After. It puts customers first, after.
Alexa, Sell my TV.

Reference your stuff by noun. Add adjectives when you have more than one.  For example... "Alexa, Sell my Guitar."  "Okay, what condition is it in?", Alexa responds.  “Really good”, I say.   “Okay it’s sold.”, Alexa replies.  "I’ll credit your account and email you the details", she continues.

She really knows your stuff.

Say things like, “Alexa, Get rid of my kitchen table.” or “Alexa, What can I sell?”.  Try the “Alexa, Sell all my stuff” command - great for when you're moving or sorting out the Amazon bought belongings of someone who passed away.  Alexa sells what she can sell and gives away, donates and recycles what she can’t.  She can also schedule a pick up for disposal.
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