Pop out the old bristle section and pop in a new one so you won't have to buy a new toothbrush every three months.
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Toothbrush with Rinsing Fountain
See the first Rinser in action.  Our little hand held fountain jets high with beautifully slow laminar flow.    
“What will this do to the Dixie Cup?" 
The New York Times
“No more jamming your head under the faucet like an animal” “Brush. Rinse. Repeat.”
The Week
“The most innovative toothbrush you'll ever own.”
“Just wanted to let you know I received my toothbrush on Friday. This is one of the most surprisingly cool things I've ever used, and feels significantly more advanced than the toothbrush I remember pre-ordering.”  - Chris
“I don’t know how you did it, but it works.  It feels very nice in the hand and puts out quite a nice spout of water.”  - Jean
“It works great and worth the wait!!”  - Juan
“It arrived, and i love it!”  - Juliana
​“Got them today. My son & I love 'em. You rock, not only for inventing it, but for ultimately delivering!” - Joe
Rinsing Fountain
Jet water to your mouth full of suds.  No disposable rinsing cups to buy or throw away.  No glass to wash or take up counter space.  No changing hands to cup water.  And, no more putting your head in the sink.   
Replacement Heads
> 750,000
Best toothbrush for Fresh Breath.  This is how to cure bad breath. Make brushing fun and brush more often.  Get whiter teeth and healthier gums.