Coffee Cups
by Scott Amron
© 2010 Amron Experimental, Inc.  All rights reserved.

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Pour a hot beverage like coffee, tea, hot chocolate or soup into this thin stackable coffee cup and watch its midsection swell to form a cool insulating collar – a 100% genuine endothermic reaction. 

- No sleeves to slide on or fall down
- Stacks / Ships thin like a coffee cup
- Insulates fat like a coffee collar
- Hot Beverage activates insulating band
- 3D logos pop when hot drinks are poured
- Design textures with 0-1 inch swells
- Knitted-on cloth towel feel
- Saves time by removing a routine step
- Save on shipping sleeves separately
- Non-toxic and FDA approved
- Recyclable and Biodegradable   
- Insulates with less material
- Will not swell at shipping temperatures
- Costs less than a cup plus a sleeve
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